Happiness is a journey. I will be your happiness sherpa.

Gutsy Coaching

I'm your Happiness Sherpa. Together, we will make the journey of your life.
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The GUTSY Happiness Project

Four weeks, four meetings, a life time of following your true bliss. I’m a travel companion and navigator on the amazing journey toward a truly happy life. You are at the wheel. You decide where we’re going. I help you get there.

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GUTSY Happiness System

Five weeks to find your purpose and path to happiness. Are you ready? We’ll work together to get in touch with what really makes you happy, and then you’ll go for it. I’ll be there at every step to help you out.

The GUTSY Happiness System: 5 weeks to find your purpose.


The Happiness Sherpa

What does it mean to be happy? Are you doing everything you can to live the happiest life possible? If the answer is yes, hurray! That is amazing. But if the answer is, well… you are in the right place. || I am a happiness Sherpa. I know what it’s like to not be living a 50%, 70% or even 95% happy life. I also know I want a 100% happy life. And I want that for you too. My goal is to guide you on the journey. I will help you identify what really makes you happy—body, mind and soul. Then I’ll help you get there.

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