What if you could stop worrying about what you eat all the time? What if you could find peace with food, and focus on nourishing your body rather than how badly you eat? You can! With the help of nutritional counseling and learning how to shop, cook, and eat well, you can start taking care of you.  Are you ready to: Eat well? Feel great? Live, love, laugh?

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If you’re like many women, you have spent a ridiculous amount of time in your life worrying about food—counting calories, judging choices, trying to figure out the magic answer about what to eat. Nutritional counseling can help you break destructive habits once and for all. Add in cooking classes, tips for shopping, and strategies for eating well every day, and you will be set up for success…forever.

Nutritional Counseling for Women

Getting healthy doesn’t mean giving up on eating well. But it takes guts to put yourself, your health, and your happiness first. As a Natural Foods Chef and Nutrition Counselor specializing in wellness for women, I’m here to help you make lasting changes for your lifelong health and joy.

Are you ready for Gutsy Health?

  • Your weight yo-yos, and you just can’t get it under control by yourself. You’re ready for help.
  • You’ve noticed certain foods make you feel bad, but you’re not sure what to do about it.
  • You don’t have the energy you had in your twenties, but you still want to do all the fun things you did back then.
  • You want to have more time to focus on your family, but you’re too stressed and tired.
  • You (or a loved one) has been diagnosed with a food intolerance and you need to figure out how to feed yourself and your family.
  • You know you could be eating healthier foods, but you don’t have time to cook, or really know how to cook well.

If you answered yes to any of those questions and are ready to make serious change in your life, then I can help you.

Gutsy Health is all about helping you live a happy, healthy, joyful life on your terms…whatever those terms are.

I specialize in nutritional counseling for women, with programs to fit your lifestyle and budget. Click here to find a health and wellness coaching program that’s right for you.

Call 571 209 7285 (EST) or email me today to schedule a health history evaluation and together we can uncover your top health & wellness goals.


My expertise is helping you find the dietary plan that works for you then helping you learn to shop, cook and eat in a way that helps you be healthy.

I will teach you to listen to your real needs and honor, trust, and respect your body. The result with be a total health transformation. All it takes is a little bit of guts.

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