Cod with Saffron Rice

I don’t know about you, but in the Spring, I start craving fish…something I don’t usually want in the winter. I also want light foods; things that won’t weigh me down (especially after St. Patty’s day…ooph). This recipe for cod with saffron rice is a simple dinner you can make ahead of time and even Read more about Cod with Saffron Rice[…]

Freekeh salad recipe

Freekeh. It’s a fun word to say. And a fun grain to eat (as you’ll discover with this freekeh salad recipe). But first, what the heck is freekeh? It’s wheat, but it’s young green wheat that has been roasted and cracked. Because of how it’s harvested, it has more protein than quinoa. It’s also has Read more about Freekeh salad recipe[…]

Slow cooker steel cut oatmeal

I’ve been wanting to try steel cut oatmeal for a long time, but it just takes so long to make. I was always starving by the time I got around to thinking about making breakfast. Then I heard about slow cooker steel cut oatmeal. Now that, I thought, is a good idea! Oatmeal is a Read more about Slow cooker steel cut oatmeal[…]