Friday Health Hop: 7-20-2012

Friday health hopWelcome to the Friday Health Hop, a collection of health and wellness blog posts from the past week. Each contributor to the Friday Health Hop brings a wonderful, fresh perspective to health and wellness, whether it's healthy recipes, nutrition information, or posts that focus on other aspects of a happy, healthy, balanced life. The more information you have, the better you can make choice that will help you live your optimally healthy life. Enjoy! Do you have a health and wellness blog with great information to share? Add it to this week’s linky list. The rules of sharing on the Friday Health Hop are simple:
  • It must be a post related to holistic health and wellness. Recipes should be for whole foods.
  • Different dietary styles and viewpoints on whole, holistic health are encouraged.
  • Provide a back link to this post (it's not required, but very much appreciated).
  • Feature your favorite posts, even if they are a little older: good information is always good to share.

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