Happy New Year

New Years Day 5k

Me and my BFFs on New Year’s Day (left to right: me, Norma, Laura, Roz, and Debbie)

I will say it — I’m happy to see 2015 go, and I’m excited for what 2016 has in store. Last year was rough. I was sick more than I have been in years. In fact, I spent the first two weeks of January 2015 in bed with the flu, and the last week of 2015 with a horrible cold. I had bronchitis, food poisoning, and a few more colds sprinkled throughout the year.

So… hello 2016. I love you!

One of my primary goals this year is to get stronger and be healthy. Exercise, of course, is a huge part of that. I’ve been running for a few years, and in the last few months have been working on getting faster. For me, that means consistently running a 12 minute mile. No speed records, but for me that is huge.

Yesterday morning I kicked off the new year with a few of my BFFs (best foot forward) in the Potomac River Running New Year’s Day 5k. I’ve done it before, and it is a fun, casual race AND a great way to start the year. Considering I’ve been sick and hadn’t run in a week, and that I had to stop a few times to have a coughing fit, I did well — 12:17. Not my best, but not my worst.

I’m not sure how many races I’ll do this year. I like the 5k races because they’re short and fun, and a place where I really can work on improving my speed. However, I signed up to do the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in April. The following weekend I’m part of a team for the Reston Runners Marathon (I’ll have a 7-mile leg). Am I crazy? Possibly.

Today I will go into Koko FitClub, which I’m trying out for 30 days right now. It’s expensive, but less than boot camp and/or working with a personal trainer. I have admitted that I WILL NOT do strength training on my own, so I need something. So far, I like this. There is enough accountability so I will show up, but I also can do it on my own.

What are your fitness plans for 2016? I’d love to know what is working.

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