How to maintain weight during the holidays

how to maintain weight

You don’t have to gain weight during the holidays! With the right support, you’ll enjoy the season.
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Raise your hand if you dread the holidays because you just KNOW you’re going to gain 5 pounds. Forget losing weight…you just want to know how to maintain weight during the holidays! I completely understand. The holidays are very hard for me. Add to the normal factors that add to holiday weight gain—holiday parties, cookie baking, and family drama—I also deal with the anniversaries of my parents’ deaths (my father died right before Thanksgiving and my mother died right after Christmas). Suffice it to say, the subject of how to maintain weight during the holidays is very near and dear to my heart. That’s why I developed the Gutsy Holiday sur-THRIVE-al program!

How to maintain weight during the holidays

Imagine if this year you didn’t gain that holiday weight! What would if be like to wake up on January 1 feeling wonderful and ready for a new year? It is possible. The truth is, though, it’s only possible if you have a solid action plan and the support of someone who truly wants to see you succeed. That’s what the Gutsy Holiday sur-THRIVE-al program gives you. You will learn how to maintain weight during the holidays without feeling deprived or left out of the celebrations of the season. And you won’t need to spend New Year’s day studying various weight loss programs.

This six week program is designed to start right before, or in the week after, Thanksgiving. You’ll get weekly support during the holidays, when you need it most. Click on the links to the program to learn more and sign up today! Make this holiday season different.

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