No Whey

no whey, but cream cheese

Whey is the by-product of making cheese. Or in this case, cream cheese is the by-product of making whey.

Not all of my kitchen experiments turn out well. In fact, many of them fail. Although even in my failures, I usually end up with something great. Take my experiment of making whey.

Why would I be making whey? Good question. I’ve gotten really involved in fermenting foods lately. The health benefits of lacto-fermentation are many, and the food is delicious. There are two methods to use: salt or salt and whey. Experts say you get a more consistent outcome if you use whey. I’ve been happy with my salt-only results, but thought I’d give making whey a chance.

no whey

Home made cream cheese is a revelation. I love it!

What happened? Well, the instructions in Nourishing Traditions seemed easy to follow—put the yogurt in a dish towel and set over a strainer for several hours. Then you tie up the dish towel, insert a wooden spoon and hang the bundle in a larger container for more whey to drip out. The problem? My dish towel absorbed all of the whey. There was not even a little drop in my bowl! I think cheesecloth would have worked, and perhaps I’ll try again.

The happy outcome? I did get cream cheese. And it was so easy, I will continue to make my own cream cheese. Even organic cream cheese seems to have extra stuff in it. This way I know what I’m eating. And maybe next time I’ll even get some whey!

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