Natural sugar alternatives

Did you know that women should eat no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar every day? And did you know the average is 55 teaspoons a day? Finding natural sugar alternatives to use as the sweeteners in you favorite recipes is a good start in eating less sugar. While sugar is sugar, many natural sugar alternatives have lower glycemic indexes. This means these sweeteners won’t usually cause you to crave even more sugar when you eat them.

How to Replace Sugar with Natural Sugar Alternatives

Figuring out how to convert regular cane sugar to one of these sweeteners can be tricky, and may take some trial and error in your favorite recipes. But this chart is a good start. I will also often use half of the recommended amount of sugar in a recipe, and still find it sweet enough. Have fun in the kitchen!

natural sugar alternatives

These natural sugar alternatives will help you lower the glycemic index in your favorite foods.

How Eating Natural Sweeteners Reduces Sugar Consumption

If you want to reduce sugar intake from the average 55 teaspoons a day to 6, it may make more sense just to stop eating sugar. Yes, that is true. But going cold turkey on sugar, or even making such a radical change, isn’t realistic for most women. I have found that eating the natural sweeteners helps reduce my sweet tooth. So the first step is to work substitute cane sugar and corn sugar with these lower-glycemic index sugars. You’ll find as you do that you crave less and less sugar. You’ll keep reducing the amount you eat until you get yourself down to a healthier 6 teaspoons per day (or less even). And the more you eat these natural alternatives, the worse the highly refined foods will taste to you (I know…in a moment of weakness I had a piece of milk chocolate the other day. It tasted horrible to me, and I love chocolate!).

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