My (im)perfect kitchen

small kitchens

My small kitchen on a typical day. I’d move some stuff out of the way, but there is no where for it to go!

Happy New Year! Yes, I’m a little late posting a new year’s message. All I can say is the holidays were hectic! But the kids are gone, the decorations are down, and I’m ready to dive into the new year. I thought I’d start the new year with a message for all of you with small kitchens: having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t cook!

I hear that a lot, people who think great cooking can’t happen in small kitchens. I blame television where everyone has an enormous kitchen. So I thought I’d share some pictures of my kitchen—the place where I experiment with recipes and create fun new things to eat almost every day.

small kitchens

My kitchen is small. And it’s falling apart. I bought this house 13 years ago. The previous owners did a very low cost renovation to sell it, and it looked great back then. But now not so much. I have very limited counter space, and it fills quickly when I’m cooking. I took this picture when I had just finished cleaning up from fermenting my ginger carrots and was getting ready to make raw chocolate shortbread. Yes, I considered tidying up a little more, but that’s not real. The reality is my husband leaves his root beer and keys right there on the counter, and I always have a ton of other things laying about.

Small kitchens don’t mean you can’t cook. That’s the point here. Yes, I wish I had a huge designer kitchen with a Viking oven. But I don’t. I have a puny kitchen with an old, electric stove, an apartment sized dishwasher that holds about four plates, and a small refrigerator. Still, I make it work because eating well is important to me.

So don’t let your small kitchen be an excuse for not cooking. Enjoy the creativity of figuring out where the heck you’re going to put another pot or pan! And have fun in the kitchen.

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