lettuce soup

Lettuce Soup…yes, it is that good

I don’t know if it was the crazy weather, or the fact that Rick dumped an entire packet of lettuce seeds in the garden. Whatever the reason, we had an insane lettuce crop this year. And that made me so very happy. I could happily eat salad for every meal. However, there are limits to Read more about Lettuce Soup…yes, it is that good[…]

Ginger roasted almonds

One of the biggest things that causes sugar cravings is an imbalance between yin and yang foods. If you’re eating to much yang food (including meat and potatoes), you’ll crave something yin. Sugar is a yin food, so these cravings feel like a need for sugar. Almonds are also a yin food, and will satisfy Read more about Ginger roasted almonds[…]

Dry-Roasted Edamame with Cranberries

Dry Roasted Edamame with Cranberries

Here’s a healthy snack you can virtuous eating.

I’m a snacker, so I’m always looking for healthy—usually high-protein— recipes. I came across this gem in Whole Living Magazine. It’s got the two major things I look for in a recipe: it’s easy and it’s delicious. As a bonus, it only has four ingredients. You simply can’t beat that in a healthy snack. […]