Recipe Weds: Kale and Swiss Chard Salad

In Monday’s post, I extolled the virtues of kale (it’s a great anti-inflammatory food as well as having other great properties). Swiss Chard is also a good one, and fall is a great time to eat both. The Swiss Chard in my garden is going crazy; no matter how much I harvest, the next day Read more about Recipe Weds: Kale and Swiss Chard Salad[…]

Healthy Swiss Chard with Roasted Peanuts Recipe

swiss chard with roasted peanuts

Crunchy veggies, toasty nuts…this stir fry hits the spot!

I am a huge fan of stir frying, especially if you want to eat healthy without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. They’re great because there really aren’t any rules: you can put whatever you want in the stir fry. In my home, it’s one of the few ways I can get my husband to eat his greens. […]