lettuce soup

Lettuce Soup…yes, it is that good

I don’t know if it was the crazy weather, or the fact that Rick dumped an entire packet of lettuce seeds in the garden. Whatever the reason, we had an insane lettuce crop this year. And that made me so very happy. I could happily eat salad for every meal. However, there are limits to Read more about Lettuce Soup…yes, it is that good[…]

black bean soup recipe

Black Bean Soup Recipe for a Snowy Day

We had a historic snow storm yesterday and I’ve got the sore muscles to prove it. So. much. shoveling. Fortunately, I’ve got the phone numbers for a few neighborhood teenagers looking to earn some extra cash. So this afternoon, I will hunker down with a bowl of black bean soup and gaze out the window, Read more about Black Bean Soup Recipe for a Snowy Day[…]

Kelp Noodle Pad Thai

What do you do when your naturopath tells you to start eating sea vegetables in order to get your iodine levels up? If you’re me, you go the natural food store and see what’s available. That’s how I discovered kelp noodles. Then I discovered kelp noodle pad thai, and decided I could eat my sea Read more about Kelp Noodle Pad Thai[…]

Raw Chocolate Shortbread

When I saw the Rawtarian’s post for raw chocolate shortbread, I knew I had to try it. For years, shortbread has been one of my favorite types of cookie. Add chocolate to it, and I’m in heave. The problem? Shortbread is nothing but butter. It is a heart attack in the form of a flaky Read more about Raw Chocolate Shortbread[…]